Student Sports Club is a community organization uniting students and PhD candidates of full-time instruction programs.

Some of the members are experienced athletes with international honors. No matter how distinguished you are, everyone is welcome to join various athletic activities and competitions to maintain a healthy lifestyle and find true camaraderie. The University owns 5 sports facilities with a huge choice of gyms, grounds, and courts for all major sports.

Why join?

  • You will be able to participate in all kinds of competitive events

  • You will have opportunities to show your true prowess and receive appropriate honors

  • You will challenge yourself and achieve new heights of health and athleticism

  • You will find many new friends who share your passion for sports

  • You will be able to defend your alma mater’s colors

Major events

The Club organizes and co-organizes different local and national events. Students volunteer and/or participate. Among the most well-known events are:

National Running Day

Student Sports Festival for Federal Universities

Russian Ski Track

World Health Day

World Youth Day

Rock Climbing Championship of Tatarstan