Transfers and reinstatements

There are different circumstances in one's life, and sometimes you need to move to another department or resume your studies after a break. Here you can find out how to do that.

Transfer from fee-based to budget-funded studies

Such a transfer is possible if there are budget-funded vacancies at the required specialty this year.

The right to transfer extends to those who don’t have academic backlogs, disciplinary infractions, and payment arrears, and if they meet the following criteria:

a) the previous two semesters were finished with only excellent and good grades;


b) the candidates are one of the following: 1) orphaned or legally abandoned children; 2) if such a person is below 20 years old and has only one parent who is 1st category disabled, and the household income is below federal minimum level; 3) if a person’s parent or parents passed away during that person’s studies.



An application and required documents must be submitted to the Director's Office of your Institute.

Transfer between majors

The transfer is available if a student has successfully finished one semester of studies.

Important to know:

  • Transfers can be made twice a year, not later than one month after semester starts.
  • Only available after full completion of the first semester of the first year.
  • Non-resident instruction students can be transferred any time before their next exam season.


All due exams and pass-fail tests must be passed (does not include exams and PFTs that can be transferred).

To be eligible for exams or PFTs one must write an application to Vice-Rector for Education. After that you have 1.5 months to pass all exams and PFTs.

Applications must be made to the Director's Office of the Institute that you plan to transfer to.

Transfer between full-time and non-resident instruction

Such a transfer can be made after at least one exam season has been successfully passed.

A transfer is possible if there are vacancies and if a candidate passes all additional exams and PFTs.

Not available during the senior year.


An application to your current Institute.

Transfer from another higher education institution to Kazan University

To transfer a candidate must submit a verified copy of his academic record book. Verification is made by their department/faculty/institute at their current institution.

Important to know:

  • The decision to allow the transfer is made by a commission of the receiving Institute after evaluating the candidate's academic record book and a personal interview.
  • If the decision is positive, the Institute Director's Office provides the candidate with an approval form that must be submitted to the institution from which the student is planning to transfer.
  • Admission is processed after the candidate provides all the necessary papers (studies confirmation form, copy of the order of academic dismissal and transfer, documents about previous education, photos).


Applications must be made to the Director's Office of the Institute that you plan to transfer to.


Important to know

  • Can be made not later than five years after previous dismissal if there are vacancies, but not earlier than full completion of the semester or year when the student was dismissed.
  • Non-resident students can be transferred or reinstated before the start of exam season.
  • Reinstatements are made at the beginning of a semester if there is no backlog of exams and pass-fail tests.
  • Students who were dismissed for infractions cannot be reinstated before one full year has passed since such dismissal. This does not pertain to fee-based students dismissed for failure to make payments – they can be reinstated immediately after arrears have been paid in full.
  • Students dismissed for academic backlogs can be reinstated at a fee-based program six months after such dismissal.
  • Students who have been dismissed for infractions twice can only be reinstated at a fee-based program and after individual monitoring.
  • Students dismissed from fee-based programs can only reinstated at fee-based programs.


Applications must be made to the Director's Office of the Institute that you plan to reinstate at.

These particular applications can only be submitted in handwriting.

All questions on reinstatement issues can be addressed to relevant Institutes.