Supplementary education

What for?

This is an excellent opportunity to achieve as much as possible during your student years. If you feel that your main course is not enough, choose one of many supplementary education programs and study in parallel.

Which programs are available?

See here for the full list ССЫЛКА. Some of the popular programs are “Professional Translation”, “Business Training and Coaching”, “Gender Psychology”, and many others.

Who is eligible?

An applicant must be one of the following:

  • have a vocational or tertiary degree;
  • be a current student of a vocational or tertiary education institution.

Types, fees, timeframes

Some of the programs are available through distance learning. Courses can be taught in iterations or during one-off sessions.

Minimum professional retraining term is 16 hours, minimum advanced training term is 250 hours.

Fees are available by phone.

What is the certificate like?

There is a unified official certificate of supplementary education recognized by all relevant authorities and entities.

How to apply?

Apply online here


Head of the Department of Education
Alina Khalilova
Main Building, Room 116
8 (843) 233-71-42 (71-42)